Free Technology Reports For Your South Florida Business

We want to be on the same page as our clients and potential clients when it comes to technology in your business. That is why we have written several reports for you that break down IT topics into a format that will help drive our future conversations. We hope that these reports make you feel more comfortable to reach out and have those conversations about where your business is going in the future with technology and how we, at Capstone IT, can help you as you grow.


The South Florida Cybersecurity Crisis

You’ll discover:

  • The South Florida Cybersecurity Crisis
  • When You Fall Victim To A Cyber-Attack By No Fault Of Your Own, Will They Call You Stupid…Or Just Irresponsible?
  • Why We Are So PASSIONATE About Informing And Protecting YOU
  • You May Want To Believe You’re “Safe” But Are You Sure?
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7 Surefire Ways You Know Your Current “I.T. Guy” Is Ripping You Off

This Free South Florida Business Advisory Report Will Show You:

  • If You’ve Outgrown Your Current “I.T. Guy”
  • If You’re Getting Overcharged By Your Current “I.T. Guy”
  • If It’s Time To Get A New "I.T. Guy”
  • If Your Current “I.T. Guy” Is Ripping You Off
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16 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Any I.T. Company

You’ll discover:

  • The single most expensive mistake most small business owners make when hiring an I.T. consultant.
  • The surprising reason most small businesses fall victim to substandard support.
  • What some I.T. consultants are doing to take advantage of business owners, and how to make sure you’re not one of them.
  • How to avoid expensive computer repair bills and get all the computer support you need for a low, fixed monthly rate.
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What You Should Expect To Pay For I.T. Support For Your Treasure Coast or Palm Beach Business

Read this guide and you’ll discover:

  • The three most common ways I.T. services companies charge for their services, and the pros and cons of each approach.
  • A common billing model that puts ALL THE RISK on you, the customer, when buying I.T. services; you’ll learn what it is and why you need to avoid agreeing to it.
  • Exclusions, hidden fees and other “gotcha” clauses I.T. companies put in their contracts that you DON’T want to agree to.
  • How to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting to avoid disappointment, frustration and added costs later on that you didn’t anticipate.
  • 21 revealing questions to ask your I.T. support firm BEFORE giving them access to your computer network, e-mail and data.
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