The legendary book , Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is read by more business people than any other book. Napoleon Hill didn't come up with the great ideas in the book instead he profiled the lessons learned from successful leaders. On this site, you will find successful leaders in our own community - sharing their professional secrets which led them to their Top 100 status. They live and do business on the Treasure Coast so they face the same economic challenges that we all face. Learn and grow from their stories!

TreasureCoastTop100.Com: Donaldson Hearing, Owner And President Of Cotleur And Hearing

In 2011, the American Institute of Architects recognized Don as Landscape Architect of the Year for Palm Beach County. In 2012, he was the recipient of the Community Leader of the Year Award presented by the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce.

In conjunction with his business interests, Don is actively involved in numerous charitable organizations which include Christ Fellowship Church, Jupiter Christian School, The Place of Hope and the West Jupiter Tutorial Center to name a few.

Don and his team have certainly beautified the Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches with their award-winning landscaping and architecture. Their success can be attributed to their talent, their hard work, and by pouring into their team.

Watch This Video To Learn:

  • How ethical and fiscally responsible practices can lead to blessings in business
  • How long-term vision drives success
  • How a succession plan is vital to securing long term value in a company

TreasureCoastTop100.Com: John Herring, President and CEO of A-1 Industries

An exceptional company understands the importance of assimilating the core values, the mission, the vision, and big, audacious goals into the daily culture. That's what makes A-1 Industries superior.

We had the privilege to interview CEO of A-1 Industries and the winner of the “Best Places to Work Award” John Herring. We investigated how John built a championship mindset and leadership team for his company's growth, via tracking and outcome-oriented behavior. John is also an enthusiastic prompter of Vistage Florida.

Watch This Video To Learn:

  • How strategic planning is vital to success
  • How core values must penetrate every part of the business

TreasureCoastTop100.Com: Chet Tart, Radio Executive, Business Coach and Vistage Leader

Chet Tart has seen businesses come and go for many years. Through his radio career, all over the country, Chet has developed a unique perspective on what makes a business thrive or dive. As a leader, he is full of applicable advice for entrepreneurs trying to grow a business.

Watch this video to learn:

  • The Importance of Your Message
  • Changing Your Messaging After the Pandemic
  • What it Means to Have an All In Commitment as an Entrepreneur

TreasureCoastTop100.Com: Bob Thornton From O'Donnell Impact Windows And Storm Protection

Bob Thornton's reach in the business networking world goes far and wide. Through his passion for mentoring other entrepreneurs and networking all over the Treasure Coast, he is able to both give back and grow his own business.

Watch this video to learn:

  • Bob Thornton's tips for finding your "Why?"
  • How to stay fired up as you grow your business.
  • How seeking out a mentor and being a mentor are both rewarding and necessary.

TreasureCoastTop100.Com: Gary and Kelly Guttveg, Owners Of DreamWorks Companies

As far as contractors go on the Treasure Coast, DreamWorks has the advantage! Find out how these entrepreneurs serve customers for all their needs at their "one stop shop." With ethical practices and great customer service, DreamWorks owners are growing their business far beyond their initial expectations!

Watch this video to learn:

  • The importance of engaging employees in the big picture
  • How diversifying can give a company an advantage over the competition - if it's done right
  • How family involvement can boost company culture and ultimately customer service Scott Fay, CEO of Rood Landscape

There are many landscaping companies on the Treasure Coast but what makes Scott Fay’s landscaping business a premier company? He attributes the success to building a culture where his people are truly “living” the values. This didn’t happen by accident. Scott is taking intentional steps to build culture and success.

Watch this video to learn:

  • How to create an intentional company culture even when no one is managing
  • How to live your culture beyond hanging signs on walls
  • What did John Maxwell teach Scott about his business
  • The secret to achieving success…it boils down to having these 2 mindsets

Be the first to know when a new video has been posted! Where should we send your notification? Charles Bender, Founding CEO of Place of Hope

Charles founded and is running a very successful non-profit organization that serves abused children. We caught him as they break ground for their new headquarters in Hobe Sound. He has a sharp business mind that is transferrable to any business.

Watch this video to learn:

  • How to launch any organization from scratch
  • Why having mentors is important to your success
  • Bust through roadblocks by following these tips
  • The secret to getting more customers or donors to buy into your product or service

TreasureCoastTop100: Carol Houwaart-Diez, CEO of United Way of Martin County

Carol moved to Florida to take the helm of the United Way of Martin County. The organization is thriving and doing so much good for the community.

Watch this video to learn:

  • Top ways to generate leads that don’t require cold calling
  • How to lead your team so everyone is working together towards a common goal
  • When times are tough, here’s the secret to staying positive
  • A success tip for entrepreneurs Christina Lambert, Managing Director at Productive Power and City Commissioner of West Palm Beach, FL

Christina is bridging the gap between the business world, government, and her community. She is following her vision and achieving so much success in her double role.

Watch this video to learn:

  • Her top 2 secrets to getting more done
  • Avoid this networking disaster to increase sales
  • Her insightful advice for entrepreneurs

TreasureCoastTop100: Pat Stracuzzi, President of Patrick Stracuzzi Real Estate Team:

Pat Stracuzzi is the President of the 28th largest RE/MAX company in the nation and the 44th largest in the world. In fact, last year his team helped over 300 families find a new home and closed over $100 million worth of real estate, making them one of the most recognizable real estate companies on the Treasure Coast.

Watch this video to learn:

  • The secret to changing your mindset to overcome seemingly impossible challenges
  • Some unique ways he and his team deal with stress or issues
  • How to delegate and only do what you’re best at

TreasureCoastTop100: Karin Torsiello, President of Behavior Basics

Karin Torsiello has an innovative company that has grown from just a handful of employees to now over 60. The growth has brought about its unique challenges. Watch this video and learn:

  • The secret to creating a high growth company
  • Biggest mistake she corrected to stay on track
  • Without these items, you will have a tough time being an entrepreneur

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