Michael Borlaug, CEO of Capstone shares positive advice for South Florida Business Owners

As a business owner on the Treasure Coast or Palm Beaches, COVID-19 has brought up some familiar feelings in the last few weeks. When cases of infected people began to show up in Florida, it felt like a Hurricane situation. We had that urge to stock up, come up with a plan to protect the business, and hope that the cone of uncertainty doesn’t hit us or our clients.

3 Places You Should NEVER Cut Corners With IT

We all know how easy it is to cut corners in business; we’ve all done it somewhere. But we also know we shouldn’t. You’ll eventually have to face the consequences, whether they’re small or large. The same applies to IT. When you cut corners, the consequences to your business can be major.

Business By The Beach Podcast Interviews Michael Borlaug from Capstone IT

“Knowing Your Why”

It is a huge step to take from being an employee and helping someone else achieve their dreams to starting a business of your own and building your own destiny through entrepreneurship. The Capstone IT story is one that many new business owners can connect with – especially in the early years of building a company.

What Is Cloud Computing And Why Should You Care?

There’s a good chance that MOST of the software applications you use every day in your South Florida Business are now SaaS applications, or “software as a service.” In other words, you don’t have to install them on your server or PC – you simply access it as a pay-as-you-go model for only the licenses, space and features you use. This gives you the ability to access highly sophisticated software and functionality at a fraction of the cost – or even for free – and without long-term commitments.

What Every Business Needs To Know About The Impact of Social Media On Security And Employee Productivity

If you are a CEO that is concerned about employees wasting time online using non-work-related web sites like Facebook or Twitter – OR WORSE, using company resources to access pornography, gambling sites, hate groups or more – then read on.

10 Essential virtualization terms

Virtualization, or the act of moving physical systems to a digital environment, has become one of the most sought-after tech solutions by small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). While the technology is popular, it has many potentially confusing terms associated with it. To help, we have created a short glossary of 10 popular virtualization terms. 1. […]

4 Common misconceptions about virtualization

Small businesses can accomplish a lot by implementing virtualization in their office IT network. Unfortunately, many SMBs shy away from it because of various misconceptions. Here are four myths about virtualization you should stop believing. Myth #1 – Virtualization is too expensive for SMBs Many people assume that the more advanced an IT solution is, […]

Important IT Questions for Palm Beach and Treasure Coast Business Owners

I am in IT sales and marketing and I call business owners and decision makers for a living. Really, my goal is to connect the business owner with my CEO for a conversation about their current IT setup. So many times, the urgency of day-to-day business operations keeps the people on the other end of the line too busy to pause and discuss how things are going in their internal IT department.

3 Potential issues to watch out for during virtualization

Virtualization can boost operational efficiencies like never before, but you have to understand that the benefits aren’t always immediate. As valuable as it is, it does come with flaws to those who don’t know how to properly adopt it. Here are a few concerns that can become an issue in virtualization adoption. Backing up data […]

3 Common storage virtualization issues

Your data storage virtualization plan can go awry when done hastily, causing your business to miss out on the benefits of virtualization altogether. To guide you, we highlighted three of the most common storage virtualization problems you may encounter. Poorly structured storage from the get go Within a virtualized data storage framework, information is grouped into […]