Onsite Apple Support

A lot of people like Macs; no surprise there. But Macs are not the most common computer found in business, and they are notoriously difficult to repair and support. As such, many IT services companies don’t work with Macs, and some businesses get left with inadequate or nonexistent support. Here at Capstone IT, however, we love working with Macs!

Our experienced Mac specialists have the tools and training to support OS X environments as well as OS X/Windows hybrid environments. Have Apple mobile devices? No problem, we support those too. If the problem can be fixed quickly over the internet, we’ll do it, but if it requires a hands-on approach we’ll be there fast (no more waiting in line at the Genius Bar!) With Capstone IT, you no longer have to choose between your preferences and reliable IT support, you’ll get the best of both worlds!

Onsite Apple Support from Capstone IT has many benefits, including:
  • Professional technicians with Apple certifications and other credentials
  • Multi-platform support
  • Fast, responsive support remotely or on-site as needed
  • Access to the Apple Consultant Network
  • Discounts with referral codes from Apple Retail Stores

Get the support you need for the devices you want with Onsite Apple Support
from Capstone IT.