The ‘New Normal’ For Your Technology Department – Why Co-Managed IT is a Great Next Step

May 28th, 2020
The ‘New Normal’ For Your Technology Department – Why Co-Managed IT is a Great Next Step

From: Sara Borlaug, Marketing Manager

After such a widespread interruption in the way we do business cause by the COVID crisis, business owners need to reevaluate former practices and think about how we can not only bounce back from these last couple of months, but also move forward with a plan that withstands a pandemic, pushes through hurricane season and protects our business in the future.

You may have an IT company that you are happy with that took great care of you so far. But you may also be a company that has a small IT department and you are not really sure how that department should look as we all return to the workplace. I want to introduce our Co-Managed IT model that is working for our clients on the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches. In this IT support partnership, Capstone IT builds a solid relationship with your IT manager or director and takes on some of the tasks that that person manages so that they can focus on other projects within the business. Co-Managed IT can often save you thousands that you might spend on hiring an additional person on your IT team, and it offers much more than one person can provide to your business. Here are some ways that Co-Managed IT can support your IT manager or IT team:

  • REMOTE-HELP DESK – Our automated systems make day to day office issues easy to resolve whether your staff is at the office, working from home, or both. Your staff can submit a ticket and we have an engineer from our team working on it fast.
  • DATA BACKUP – We backup your data, monitor and test the backups. You can feel confident that your client data or financial data will not be lost in the case of a security breach or disaster.
  • SECURITY TOOLS – We offer layers of security for your network and secure all users on your team and the devices they use. We are always evaluating the best tools to protect your business.
  • PROJECTS – Some of our clients only call us in for projects that require more than your IT manager or team can do on their own. We assist with office moves, email and server migrations and more.
  • BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING – In our Co-Managed IT model, we come in to compliment the work your IT department is already doing. Our team offers years of experience with clients over many industries.

When you consider how your IT department should look going forward, discuss with your IT director which of the above services they would appreciate support on. Co-Managed IT is working for thousands of business owners across the country. This is a great article that can help you determine if you may want to call on Capstone IT to inquire further into the Co-Managed IT model. 3 signs your business needs co-managed IT services

Lastly, we are sharing our technology checklist for returning to the office. As restrictions are lifted, consider this list to help with network security in the coming months.