Inspiration In The Midst Of COVID

November 25th, 2020
Inspiration In The Midst Of COVID


Positivity is the state of character of being positive: positivity accepts the world as it is. Inspiration is a call to action. It means to fill with an animating, quickening or exalting influence. You can have a positive attitude and not accomplish anything. To be truly inspired, you need to act on it with intention.

I wrote a blog giving positive advice last spring when the world shut down and everyone’s 2020 aspirations and goals turned to fear and anxiety over an unprecedented global pandemic. January and February were reportedly productive and prosperous for many entrepreneurs I know. I think that we have all experienced the waves of hope that we all hang on to that keep us moving forward. Some days (or weeks,) those waves are not filled with hope but bring a tide of discouragement and frustration.

Now, at the end of this historical year, I know that positivity is a daily practice we must put in place; but that is not enough. We should intentionally seek out inspiration as well. At Capstone IT, we have grown because we were inspired. We have been inspired by the leaders who have mentored us, by the experiences in our previous positions, by the IT marketing group we work with, by competitors nation-wide, and by the other businesses in St. Lucie, Martin and Palm Beach counties that are not being dragged out with the tide.

To stay inspired, we are starting back up with our Treasure Coast Top 100 interviews. This is a site we started to highlight area entrepreneurs by interviewing them on video. The topics we discuss are aimed to inspire other business owners. As we are preparing for the next group of interviews, feel free to look back at some great ones we recorded long before COVID at