How Microsoft and Capstone IT are Getting Ahead of the Phishing Attacks Targeting Your South Florida Business

March 1st, 2022
How Microsoft and Capstone IT are Getting Ahead of the Phishing Attacks Targeting Your South Florida Business

As cybercrime increases and becomes more sophisticated, Capstone IT and Microsoft are developing ways to continue to protect your South Florida business in 2022. Our goal at Capstone IT is to have the securities in place to make it harder for attackers to access systems. At the same time, we must be protecting and backing up data to make it easier for a business to recover from an attack without paying a ransom. With layers of security protecting your network and our employee security training, we can be confident that your business is taking the right steps to thwart cybercrime.

One of the biggest trends in cybercrime is phishing attacks. Microsoft reports phishing attacks having doubled in 2020. Cyber criminals have developed automation to victimize businesses on an even greater scale. Criminals are not discriminating and are targeting victims across all industries.

A phishing attack gives the criminal actor access to your organization at your weakest point – your trusting, unassuming employee. Our team cannot be sitting next to each employee all day every day to monitor their interaction with each email they open. It is inevitable that an employee will someday be fooled by a targeted phishing email. They may look like they come from within your organization. The email may look like it was sent by another employee. Criminals are targeting these so specifically that the content of the email may be regarding something that is a current topic between these two employees.

Microsoft and Capstone IT are working proactively to protect your business, your data and your reputation. How can your organization utilize the resources available through Microsoft and Capstone IT?

  1. The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) investigates online crime networks involved in business email compromise. They take part in phishing simulations on a national and international scale to identify weak points in end-user practices. They have developed trainings to educate employees on what to look for in an email. You can start employees on an entire security training module here.
  2. Capstone IT offers an employee security training platform. We send out weekly videos on best practices when it comes to technology in your organization. Our platform teaches employees to quickly identify and report phishing emails. We also install the Catch Phish button in your Outlook email. This is another line of defense against a phishing attack. If an employee suspects an email to be malicious, they can click on this button and Catch Phish will give a rating on how likely the email is to be a phishing email.

Capstone IT and Microsoft are working around the clock to protect our clients from phishing attacks, but the piece that your team can most benefit from engaging in is employee security training. Rest assured that with research, studies and continuing education, your vendors have your organization’s security as their top priority. Best practice today requires your team to be educated as well and engaged in their own training to avoid being victim to phishing attacks.

Together with Microsoft and Capstone IT, you will be on the right track to taking all measures possible to protect your business from cyberattacks.