Our Core Values

At Capstone IT we look to serve Treasure Coast and Palm Beach businesses that will be a good fit for many years. If your core values align with ours, then a partnership with Capstone IT will be a wonderful working relationship. When we hire, we already have YOU and YOUR TEAM in mind. We want team members who will serve your team with the utmost integrity, technical skill, empathy, urgency and professionalism. Because of this, the team members we hire are aware that the goal of our work is to have not just satisfied customers, but raving fans. The following core values help all team members to contribute in a way that will “wow” you - the client - while building up the potential of the entire company. At Capstone IT, we want to be A GIFT to each other, our customers, and the communities we serve.


  • We document every interaction with our clients so we can offer the best service possible.
  • We answer phones live and get our clients in touch with a tech fast.
  • We document all issues and tickets thoroughly for future reference.


  • Our team is responsible for continuing education in the ever-changing world of cyber-security.
  • We attend conferences and join peer groups to serve our clients with best industry practices, holding our business up against others across the country.


  • Our team members are taught to “Think like the client, and act like the owner.” They should care about your technical issue, project or question like it belongs to them and then respond with the empathy, skill and urgency that the CEO would display.
  • The Capstone IT team serves the community at every opportunity. We volunteer with and sponsor our non-profit clients and attend networking events to stay connected.


  • Our team can have fun together, but solving client issues quickly and effectively is our goal. We always encourage each other to keep focused on tasks and to keep communicating with clients as we work.
  • Our automated systems for ticketing and communication keep us organized, help us prioritize issues and give our clients peace of mind that we are addressing their needs.


  • Communication is key! We encourage open communication for all issues as well as successes among team members and also with clients.