Industry Pricing

Capstone IT offers a wide range of services. While we provide some hourly work to smaller clients and do many projects for each of our clients, the best value in working with Capstone IT is in our right-fit managed services plan. After learning about the needs of each business, how they use technology in the company, their struggles and their wish list, we form a partnership with our clients to protect and grow their business. We propose a plan for data backup and layers of security that meet the needs of that specific business size, industry and budget.

We consult with IT companies, or MSPs across the country, so when we price managed services for a client, we aim at staying within the range of industry pricing models without breaking the bank for our clients. It’s a delicate balance, however, for two reasons:

1. Cyber threats are evolving and so the cost in time and resources of protecting a company’s data can increase depending on compliance issues, employee security awareness and many other factors
2. We choose quality backups and security monitoring tools to protect the small to medium sized team. Usually a company will have at least ten or more users to be able to afford and effectively utilize the services we provide through these tools.

Capstone’s pricing for managed services will vary depending on the specific needs of a client, but we generally follow industry standard pricing illustrated in the table below and adapted from

Companies needing Managed IT services fall into three tiers.

Managed Services Client 1.0 Technology Services with basic security: $125 per user per month
Managed Services Client 2.0 Technology Services with more advanced security: $175 per user per month
Managed Services Client 3.0 Technology Services with the most advanced security: $250 per user per month

Written by ConnectWise CEO, Arnie Bellini, this table describes a list of technology and cybersecurity services that business may need.

Managed Services Client 1.0 Client 2.0 Client 3.0
Cloud/Saas App Mgmt.
24x7x365 Monitoring
Help Desk & On-Site Services
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Quarterly Business Reviews (vCIO)
Advanced Cybersecurity
Email Encryption/Spam Filtering
Web Content Filtering
Firewall Management
Advanced Cybersecurity
Password Protection
Single Sign-On
Disk Encryption/Protection
Multi-factor Authentication
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
Vulnerability Scanning
Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)
Managed SOC
Security Awareness Training
Total Cybersecurity
Log Collection (SIEM)
Endpoint Detect & Response
Data Loss Prevention
Network Access Control
User Behavior Analytics (UBA)
Monthly Price Per User $125 $175 $250+
Source: ConnectWise IT Nation Connect 2018 Keynote.