Managed Services for Small-Medium Businesses in Juno Beach

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Is your small-medium sized business outgrowing your IT guy?
Do you have technology goals that your current IT guy is just not meeting?
Do you want to find a way to free up employees who are taking care of the day to day IT issues for other projects?
Do you need a partner to help grow your business through technology?

Here is an explanation of managed services. Read below to see how Capstone IT can serve you and your team.

Managed IT Services Defined. This is a model where the IT services company takes the role of your “IT department” and not only installs and supports all the devices and PCs that connect to your server(s), but also offers phone and on-site support, antivirus, security, backup and a host of other services to monitor and maintain the health, speed, performance and security of your computer network.

With decades of experience managing networks for companies in all types of industries, Capstone IT’s engineers have managed the networks of hundreds of businesses.


Benefits of Hiring a Managed Service Provider Instead of an IT Guy

  • Fixed Cost

    Monthly service agreement including ongoing network maintenance, reliable data backup, unlimited help desk hours built in to your right-fit plan

  • Quick Response Times

    Don’t wait forever for your IT guy to get back to you. We are available 24/7/365. Our ticketing system is designed to get the right engineer working on your problem quickly.

  • Proactive Security and Network Maintenance

    Your data will be protected by layers of security. Maintaining your firewall, DNS filtering, installing patches, updating software, every day hardware maintenance are some of the ways we serve your business as your managed service provider

  • Data Backed Up

    Safe, secure back ups so that in the case of a breech, you won’t ever have to pay ransom for your data.

  • Reduced or Eliminated Down Time

    You will have happy, productive employees and you will save money when we are monitoring your network 24/7 and proactively addressing any issues that would get in the way of a productive day at your business.

  • Single Point of Contact

    In our full managed services plan, we will get on the phone with your vendors when there is an IT issue, saving your employees hours every month.

  • IT Consulting

    With managed services, Capstone IT and our clients have the same goal – building your business through the use of technology. We will consult with you on ways to use technology to make your business thrive.

Managed Service Client Testimonials

It Is Like A Night And Day Difference From Our Previous IT Team.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Capstone IT Team and it has been a dream! Our engineer is on the ball and always following up with issues to make sure everything is working right.


Nicole E.

Capstone Has Resolved Our Issues With Little To No Impact To Our Staff.

Their response time is excellent, staff is knowledgeable, and they provide excellent customer service and support.


Tanya C.

Reliable, Quick Response Time

Today, my life is completely stress free at work. I feel like all my security needs are handled. Capstone’s response time is immaculate!


Karin T.